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FAQ This category contains frequently asked questions about Rekord Buddy. En Français Puisque je parle aussi la langue de Molière, pourquoi ne pas en profiter pour avoir une petite section séparée ou on peut causer…en Français. News All the Rekord Buddy news that’s fit to print. Official announcements, etc… Public Beta This category covers any news or community support related to beta builds of Rekord Buddy. Support This category is for getting help with Rekord Buddy directly from the Rekord Buddy community. Next Audio staff may post/read things here from time to time but this is not meant to replace the official support system at
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The name of the topic is pretty much self explanatory. I often hang out in the channel, although I may not be able to reply to you all the time. It’s also not a place for official support but I may be able to answer a q…

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