2.1Beta(556) Update to 2.1Beta(628)


I’ve been away from Rekord Buddy for a while and was working relatively smoothly with Beta 556 but when I opened the app tonight it told me there were lots of updates!! You guys have been busy! :smile:

So I ran the update and relaunch and now I get an Authorize box which doesn’t accept my licence, then when the app runs it is completely blank and I have no way to start an Import from Serato or an Export to RekordBox… If I click in the left hand pane the application crashes… the User Preferences don’t give me any options to Import or Export either.

I tried a DB Reset (by holding down Option) at the start of the App but it doesn’t do anything.

If I roll back to 556 everything is back to how it was… HELP!!! LOL :laughing:

If you are getting an error witht he license, double check it’s the correct key. Make sure there’s no spaces at the start or end. If’ you’re getting an error about too many installations, then you can reset your license by logging into the site and going to your purchase history.

Regarding the betas, 557 is the latest stable for now, so just upgrade to that.


thanks for the reply… validated its the right key, no spaces, shows as authorised when I look on the website but then the application just crashes on startup with no error message. :frowning:

Which version of the app?

With a version number I can check on my end to see if I get a crash log or not.

Apologies… it’s trying to update to 628.

hey guys, just wondered if you’d seen any log files from me?

Stick with 557 unless you want to be testing the unstable beta.