2.1beta (639) Empty collection

I just downloaded the last version:

Nothing happens , and when i click somewhere , anywhere, it crash.

i’m on Mojave 10.14

Interesting. I think you may have hit some protection I added to prevent crashes that people we’re seeing.

Can you try one thing for me, delete your Rekord Buddy folder and launch the app to see if that makes a difference.

what do you mean ?
delete Rekord buddy in Applications?
And relaunch it in the installer ?

Sorry I should have been more clear.

In your Music folder, delete the Rekord Buddy folder and launch the app again.

ok i just did it:
I put my licence key again… and same problem: empty & crash.

Ok, I don’t see this here (obviously), let me see if I can put together a build to try and diagnose the problem with your help.

sure, happy to help, give me instructions :slight_smile:

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v640 crash again , same same :confused:

Let me look at the crash. Does it happen after you get the empty collection or before you do anything?

Have a look here:

when i do “right click”…

I can repro the empty collection on a test machine here. Investigating.

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This is a really tough timing-related bug. Wasted two day on it but I think I’ve got it. Can you try (641) and let me know if that works for you?

Actually I think there is another issue with (641) on a couple of machines I’m testing it on. The app locks up on launch.

Back to investigating I go…

(642) is posted with what I think is the right fix. Can you install it (probably via the download link above if you’ve already upgraded to (641) and let me know?

yes, it’s working again ! good job :slight_smile:

other question: Smart playlist not available anymore ?

Smart playlists are on hold until a future release. This is so I can ship 2.1 quicker and have more bandwidth to work on a single version/codebase (I currently still juggle two with 2.0 and 2.1). Not ideal solution but it’s for the best.