Accidentally bought thinking Windows compatible

When I went the website it says available on Mac OS! I assumed that meant it was already Windows compatible. My mistake. Support forum says newest version will be Windows compatible but no ETA. No big deal if its within a month but topic goes back to February 2018. Tried moving files to a Mac machine but then it asks where the Rekordbox and Serato installs are. Don’t know how much of a sink hole of time is involved setting everything up on a Mac I have no intention of using for DJing.

Understood you are solo but is there any way you can give a timeline? If not, I need to find other solution as I have 1000s of files to mark.

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You are correct that it’s been a long time coming to have a Windows version, but your license will be cross-platform, and will give you access to the beta when it launches. We don’t have a timeline, I’m afraid, though there’s a beta right now that will eventually lead to the Windows beta launch.

If you want a refund, that’s understandable. I can get @damien to take a look at that.

Ive checked the forum every day since I purchased Rekordbuddy waiting on the Win Beta, so I feel your pain. :-p Since switching to Engine Prime, now I check everyday waiting for Engine Support.