Can't open after update

I updated recently & it wont open up anymore. It says its sending crash logs but i haven’t received any help yet .

2.1.20 (678)

Help is provided here :slight_smile: I don’t provide individual support when I receive crash logs I just use the data to make fixes or post new builds that help me investigate the issue.

I think you’re encountering an issue that’s being discussed in other topics. Check out this post for some tips on posting when asking for help.

You’re having a problem straight from when the app start which means I can’t identify precisely which one of the issues I receive is yours. If it happened a little bit later, I would get an identifier as part of the report. Because of this, the best you can do right now is keep an eye on the new releases (there is a thread where I post new updates). You can download each updates as a new DMG from the ‘Previous Purchases’ section of your account.

I fix issues with each new build and people who still have problems with each build help me get more and more info on each issue. Everything will be fixed though.