Crashes on latest Catalina update on start

maybe because there is no database yet

Experiencing this on Mojave with 2.2b19. Tried deleting my preferences and resetting the database (hold alt+open right?), but it keeps hanging on opening.

@ohyeahpaulchin hanging or closing down?

It’s hanging, but some of the early instances were being reported as crashes in macOS. I’ve reset the database, cleared all preferences and related files, and re-installed a bunch of times but it’s still happening on 2.2b19 as well as the stable 2.1 release.

At what point does it hang? After what dialog?

Right after the first loading bar completes. Here’s a screen recording: <redacted>

It seems like it never gets to the next dialog. Let me send you a bugfix build to try and get ore info from your situation.

Are you still seeing this with the latest build?

Hi, sorry for the delay. Been away from the forums for a while. Still experiencing this with 2.2b23 :frowning:

Let me look at any error report that may have been sent and if not, make you a custom build to investigate the problem. Stay tuned.