Do you collect any personal information while I use the app?


Rekord Buddy collects non-critical anonymous information regarding your use of the app and statical information about your music collection. This information is in no way connected to you and we have no way to identify you as the source of this information.

As stated in the EULA that you must agree to when purchasing the app, you agree that Next Audio Labs may collect and use usage and technical data, and related information, including but not limited to statistical data on your music collection and its use, and technical information about your device, system application software, and peripherals to facilitate further development of the Licensed Application, new features, future products, and other services. Application Provider may use this information, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you, to improve and/or promote its products, to provide services or technologies to you, and/or for other business reasons.

Because this information is anonymous and non-critical, there is no opt-out option for the user. We need the information to improve Rekord Buddy (know what feature people use the most) and if some users could choose to opt-out the resulting information would not be accurate anymore and would cause us to potentially focus on things that are not important.

Being a small company, this is the only way we can make sure we’re accurately working on the most important things for all users.

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