Engine Prime support


Whats the update with Engine Prime support? Are you still planning to do this or postponed indefinitely?


I’m working on putting the roadmap back up online in some form or another but the plan right now is for extra platforms like Engine Prime to be supported in 2.2.

2.1 is a major undertaking but the good news is that after that, releases should happen on a much more regular basis.


Just a friendly reminder regarding Engine Prime support.



In the interest of not delaying 2.1 longer than it already has, I think this will miss the cutoff but will be the first thing included in 2.2beta when that’s available.

Thank you for being patient with me.


I feel you. As someone who also made the switch to Denon, I also need Engine Prime integration. :frowning:


For now you can export to traktor library and then import your traktor library to Engine. The only think am not sure about is if this will also transfer your cue points to engine.


As long as Engine imports correctly from Traktor then it should.


Currently cue points set prior to the analyzed start marker in engine prime do not show up when importing from traktor. However, serato import works without issue (it’s just heavily time consuming).


Do you mean they show up in Traktor but Engine doesn’t import them?



If you have a hotcue set on beat 1 in traktor, but Engine Prime analyzes the track incorrectly setting the beat marker after beat 1, then the hot cue is not included. It is a bug which has been brought up on the denondjforum. Denon stated it is working to fix this along with their analysis issues in a future update.


Ok so that’s an Engine Prime issue. :relieved: