How do I get started with Rekord Buddy?


You’ve just downloaded the app and you’re ready to start syncing! Wait up. There are some important information that will help you make the most of Rekord Buddy and make sure the app syncs data the way you want it to.

Make sure you have complete backups of your entire system.

Better safe than sorry. Complete backups (like Time Machine) are always best but if you want to backup individual collection you can check the FAQ for some help on backing up your rekordbox, Traktor or Serato collections. Keep in mind that those collections backups will NOT include your track files.

Setup the preferences before syncing.

Preferences have a huge effect on what gets synced and how. You want to make sure you understand what all the options do and are ok with the choices you have made. You can check out this tutorial video to learn more on what each do.

Initializing Rekord Buddy.

After setting the Preferences, you are now ready to initialize Rekord Buddy. You need to choose which collection you will use to initialize from. If you currently use only one program then it will be that one. If you use multiple programs, use the one with the information you want to keep. Others will be overwritten with the information from the program you selected. Watch these tutorial videos to learn how to initialize from rekordbox, Serato or Traktor. Be patient for the first sync. A lot of information needs to be generated when you first use the app. Subsequent syncs should be a lot faster. If they are not then contact

Importing changes in rekordbox.

If you have changes that you would like to import in rekordbox, there is an extra step you need to perform in order to do that. See this tutorial video for more information.

Read the manual.

You can find it in the help menu by clicking on Rekord Buddy Manual. Rekord Buddy is a complex application that does a lot of things in order to sync and process your collection. Make sure you understand what is going on and how it works.

More advanced topics.

Once you’re up and running you can unleash all the power of Rekord Buddy 2 by checking out these tutorial videos:

Reach out if you need help.

Report any issues to and don’t forget to mention the version/build number in your email subject. If you get crashes, make sure you send us the crash logs when you relaunch the app. Don’t send crash logs via email and don’t use Social Media for support related issues.

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