How to copy playlist from Rekordbox DJ to Serato DJ Pro

**My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0.29 (569)

My OS Version: Mac OS High Siera version 10.13.6

I had bought Rekord Buddy 2 in Dec 2018 initially to move my entire playlist from Traktor 2 to Rekordbox DJ. I had managed to move the playlist and all other information from Traktor to Rekordbox DJ and everything was perfect.

Now I want to have the same playlist from Rekordbox DJ copied to Serato DJ as I plan to use Rekordbox DJ & Serato DJ often. I have stopped using Traktor and dont intend to use it anymore after moving to rekordbox dj & Serato DJ.

Could you please help / guide me step by step how I can have the same Rekordbox DJ playlist showing up in my Serato DJ as I will be using both the DJ softwares very often.



With the current Rekord Buddy 2.0 you would simply export your rekordbox collection to XML (in rekordbox) and save it in the documents folder. Then in Rekord Buddy, you choose ‘import from rekordbox’ and make sure it’s offering to read the correct file (the one you just exported).

When that’s done, choose ‘export to Serato’ and you should be good to go.

Thanks alot for your help. Got it done.

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