I Have A Huge Library: I Can Work The Program But I Can't Sort By Tags


Rekord Buddy 2.0.22

Yoesemite 10.10

Close All Library and When I Right Click To Sort By Tags I Expected It To Open It Shuts Down The App Entirely I Also Tried On My Late 2012 Macbook Pro 12inch With 4GB Ram I5 Processor Same Results

How Can I Fix This From Happening?


sorry you’re having trouble. Are you getting the option to send a crash log when you restart?


i sent nurmourous i havent used it in a bit but i have created a library i want to edit it but that “wonderful Thing” Keeps Popping Up Wont Even Go Through Parsing I Check My Library Remove corrupted files rebuild overviews even start from scratch its a 2009 15 inch macbook pro im running high sierra but still issues … and btw im also having issues with a slow finder … may that be the issue?


also My Email Is *********** if you can trace my reports i love the program i just would like to get to the program so i can really grasp its full capabilities but this sync stuff makes it repetitive!!!


Could you email support via the site and we can get the crash log checked out?


I edited one of your posts @djwallout so that your email isn’t posted publicly on the forum. This will save you getting tons of spam :slight_smile:


also currently i have high sierra … and still having the same issues i kind of skipped out on using the app in the while and i try using it now and then im about to try it now… can i reply with it here or no?


the crash log by the way


just sent it in To Support @astromach


I can take a look at the crash log and get back to you. I’m assuming you have a support ticket opened?