Introducing the Rekord Buddy Discord server!


I’m about to start experimenting with running a public discord server for the Rekord Buddy community. This will evolve over time but for the time being, it will be a way to chat from time to time and maybe even offer quick support in some cases.

Keep in mind that, for now:

  1. I can’t guarantee that I will be available to talk to at all times.
  2. This is not a way to seek official support. Email is still the way to go for that.
  3. This is meant to be a fun place to hang out. Be an ass and you’ll get kicked out.

So, without further ado, click here for an invite.


Please read the server rules on the welcome page. I’m not going to spend my time policing people with offensive behavior or usernames so the ban hammer will come down swiftly. Life is too short.