Invalid password?

So, you took my money and I can’t even put in a password!!! Keeps saying invalid! I go to rekord buddy to get my license and can’t get access to a license?
How do I get a refund mate???

Welcome to the forums. Take a deep breath, unless I’m mistaken this is the first time you are asking for help so no one is ‘taking’ people’s money, let’s just take a look at what problem you are having and see where the problem is. It could be user error you know?

I moved your post to a separate topic since it was not related to the original post you replied to.

You can find more info about finding your license key in this entry in the manual.

You can find more info about downloading the latest build of Rekord Buddy in this entry in the manual.

I see your purchase happened today and your account is using the same email that you are using to post on the forums. That’s good. Now, is it possible that you mistyped your password when you created the account? Did you try to reset your password just to make sure?

First link on your information page about where my license is found says 404 not found.
The issue is that I go to your authorization page it says provide a 32 digit license , I click on your link - nada nothing… it gives me access to forums through my junk mail email… and that’s it… dead end

Let’s take it one step at a time. What link are you talking about? This link? Because this one works fine for me here.

So wait do I assume that you’ve now found the problem? You keep jumping between the two threads my head is spinning :crazy_face:

Damien, my apologies, it was ALL user era, and I have to commend you on your promptness in answering my messages (30 minutes) and putting up with my Bullshit, after taking your advice and taking a deep breath I finally worked out how basic operation of this app works and why the security is stringent and how to access it, today I’m going to convert my serato dj pro library…
Thank you Sir, you are a legend :muscle::fire::+1::heart:

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I wouldn’t go that far but thank you for the kind words. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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This app has saved me 100s of hours of re - cueing my entire rekordbox library 40000 tracks ! So yes u are a legend, cop it sweet mate​:wink::+1:

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