macOS Mojave Compatibility


I’ll be updating this post as I go along with the testing but here are the current findings using the latest macOS Mojave beta.

  • Rekord Buddy 2.1beta seems to work fine.
  • Rekord Buddy 2.0 seems to work fine.
  • Rekord Buddy asks for Accessibility access privileges. This is to let the app respond to the playback keys (<< >" >>) on your keyboard. You can safely say no if you prefer not to, it won’t affect syncing.
  • There are some graphical/color issues in dark mode but I don’t think I’ll be fixing those until the final 2.1 version comes out. They should be cosmetic only.

We may be increasing the minimum required version of macOS when 2.1 ships. It’s hard to try and stay compatible with 4 version of the OS.

macOS Mojave betas have been out since June and I don’t expect anything to change between now and the final release but even if Rekord Buddy works fine, there are other apps that have already said they prefer you to hold off from updating so proceed with caution or wait to hear from the makers of your DJ app of choice.

Post a reply below if you are on the macOS beta and find any issues yourself.


I figured out what the accesibility request from the OS was. There is no issue saying no to giving Rekord Buddy that access, only the playback keys on the keyboard will not work.