Moving collection from Serato to Rekordbox

Hello Damien,
First off, thanks for your hard work and patience (!!) in order to serve the big worldwide DJ community esp. the professionals who need you !!!
So, to clarify and go to the point, I read all the above, I am finally about to migrate, for the 1st time, my huge Serato SDJ pro library (200+ crates ! 7k.+ tracks) to Rekordbox DJ, and I’m on all latest versions incl. of Mac OS.

My question is : is there any risk for my Serato library data to be corrupted now both in Rekord buddy then, after export, in Rekordbox DJ ? and, if so, is it better for me to do that very first library move (from SDJ to Rekordbox DJ) with your forthcoming 2.1 new version and wait for it because it will garantee none of my data is altered in any way (when to be released?) or is it un-necessary to wait for it and safe to use instead, right now, your latest 2.0.28 (568) ?

I explain : you mentionned trouble in your current latest versions (which one or all of them ?) -ie data from our original libraries being ‘CORRUPTED’ into Rekord buddy hence in other softwares we export to like Rekordbox DJ (which I absolutely do not want because my library = thousands hours of work to create/for pro DJ job !). Thanks.

  • As I currently test your latest 2.0.28 (568) release, in order to check if all my tags and playlist are well imported/exported from Serato to Rekordbox DJ I noticed these bugs, pls explain why and how to fix it asap, thanks :
  • How does your BPM synch works and edits data between 3 softwares ? what erases & updates what ? what is untouched ? Does SDJ & Rekorbuddy can erase the BPM in Rkbox if it has changed & in each cases ? what’s your advice ?
    I noticed, after exporting an original bpm from SDJ to Rkbox, if I edit it to a different one in SDJ it is then Not exported to neither Rkbox nor Rkbuddy, how come and how do I do to update it not manually if needed ?
  • Some Release years (ex. in Aiff or AAC) not showing in Rkordbuddy but all of them are in Rkbox. I dont care in Rkbuddy because its just a bridge for me, not a library, but still would be better for checking before exporting it.
  • disc Nb not exported to Rkbox.

Welcome to the forums. I separated your post into a new topic because it’s confusing to post in a topic with different questions than the original topic. This way we can keep things a bit organized.

To try and answer your question, in order to convert a big library like this I would recommend giving the 2.1 beta a try. This will allow you to test a few tracks or playlists at a time without having to do the entire collection all at once. You can also feel safe with that version that, unless you choose to save changes on exit, nothing gets overwritten by mistake.

When going from Serato to Rekordbox there is very little chance of corruption because 1) You’re only reading from Serato so nothing will get written there unless you drag things into your Serato collection in Rekord Buddy. 2) rekordbox imports via an XML file so nothing accesses the rekordbox collection directly, apart from rekordbox.

Now, let me try and address your other questions:

I’m assuming you mean the beat grid and not the BPM. As with any other track data, the beat grid gets overwritten by the source data when you copy a track from another collection. Assuming you’re using the 2.1beta, when you drag a track from Serato to rekordbox that track’s grid and markers will be overwritten in the rekorbbox XML file. It will only overwrite the grid in rekordbox itself if you drag that track from the XML bridge to the rekordbox collection and even then, only if the track is not marked as locked in rekordbox.

You would have to send me examples of this for me to try and reproduce the problem. You can DM me a track or two coming form Serato if you want.

Hi! thank you. I was talking about BPM number (not sure I get all you said), for me its same as grid, innit ? I was thinking, although my goal is to permanently get out of Serato and move to Rkbox, in the beginning, until I am sure the move has been done properly, I may use Rekordbuddy for a while and synch a few times between SDJ and Rkbox : First time I’ll do that, i’ll get my SDJ bpms in Rkbox, then in Rkbox I will be obliged to analyse my songs and have the BPM re-calculated by Rkbox (in fact it’s much more beat accurate than SDJ which is a disaster in that area!). This will cost me lots of work to check the BPM of my new Rekordbox collection, so last thing I want is, after my next Rekordbuddy synch SDJ to Rkox, is to have the NEW BPMs in Rekbox being overwritten by the SDJ bpm ! … i am anticipating that scenario, what do you think to avoid it ? is it really what will happen ? (will I need to lock all my Rekordbox collection songs ?).
I’m Frenchy like Daft Punk lol, what does DM mean ?

Tu a vu qu’il y avait une section du forum en Français? Ca serait peut être plus facile? :slight_smile: