NEED HELP! Open Key Notation, Copying from Traktor to Rekordbox

Hello Music Lovers! :slight_smile:
I need a little help. (I bought Record Buddy last week…)

My primary collection is my TRAKTOR Collection.
I want to copy my entire Traktor Collection with all Beatgrids, Cue Points and Keys (Keys are detected by TRAKTOR in “Open Key”) directly to Rekordbox (Export Mode).

My Problem:
Open Key Notation is correctly displayed in Rekord Buddy

But not in Rekordbox :frowning:

Target is to display “Open Key Notation” in Rekordbox/CDJ.
Can you help me?
I think my Rekordbox Settings are right:

My Rekord Buddy Settings:

Rekord Buddy: 2.1.17
Rekordbox: 5.7.0
Traktor: 3.2.19

Thank you so much for your help and for Record Buddy!
And sorry for my English… :wink:

Hannes (from Germany)

I had a similar Problem When syncing from Serato to Rekordbox.
I had to choose alphanumeric and Not Classic in the rekordbox settings.
Maybe this works for you too.

Greets from Germany :wink:

Thank you!
When I change to “alphanumeric” there are no changes in the Rekordbox xml :frowning:

“Open Key Notation” is still not displayed in the “Key” Column of Rekordbox xml…
I don´t know what to do…

The change to alphanumeric only caused a switch in the Recordbox Collection. But not in “Open Key”


Greets, Hannes

This seems like a rekordbox issue. Let me try and repro it here.