Not All Cues Transferring from Serato > Rekorbox

Second time I am doing a large library update from Serato to Rekordbox (about 800 tracks) and I am finding that a handful of my tracks aren’t transferring with their cue points. The beat grids seem to be fine, though.

It’s about 1/5 tracks that are not transferring with cues. Any idea what’s up?

There’s a great way to investigate this in 2.1 which is to use Rekord Buddy’s own track editor to see what it thinks the tracks have in term of cue points.

First, when you have a large collection, it’s best to start with a few tracks or playlists to make sure everything goes fine and you understand the workflow. Then, pick a track where your are seeing issues and in Rekord Buddy double click on it in the source collection (Serato in your case). Look at the markers and make sure those look correct. Then do the same for the track in the destination collection and check that they match what the source tells you.

Try that and report back here what your findings are.

Still getting some hit-and-miss inconsistency. The markers are all showing up in the notes of the track when viewed in the Serato library via Rekord Buddy, but when I put them into a new Rekord Buddy playlist, those same cues aren’t showing up.

Now, some of the tracks that didn’t work the first time around are working properly on the second run, but not all of them — even when i do it one at a time.

That’s interesting if I understand correctly what you are saying. Are you saying that, when you are looking at the track info in Rekord Buddy, you don’t see the same cue point when you look at a track in All Tracks and when you look at a track in a playlist?