Overwriting when exporting?

2 and also the beta:

latest MAcOS

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

Does Rekordbuddy write over existing cue points?
ie I saved some cue points in rekordbox, but have a lot more in my serato library. If I use rekordbuddy to export from serato to rekordbox will it overwrite what is already in Rekordbox? Does locking a track in rekordbox make any difference?

is there a way to only export some of my tracks/playlists to Rekordbox to avoid it overwriting existing cues?

I’m also not clear on in settings if it is referring to exporting hen in the RB or serato section


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With 2.0 and 2.1 (557), Rekord Buddy will overwrite existing collections, wholesale. If you are transferring from rekordbox to Serato, but already have tracks in Serato, the Serato collection will get replaced. In the unstable beta (628+) ou will see all your collections in the browser tree, and transfer individual tracks and playlists ad hoc.

thanks for the response. does locking the tracks in RB make a difference?
to be clear I am exporting from serato to RB, as I find beat gridding much easier in Serato.
would you advise using 628 in this case, as I can choose only certain parts of the collection to update?
what I really want to do is every now and again beat grid my new tunes in Serato, and then import them to RB, without overwriting other tunes already in RB. hope that makes sense

If by RB you mean rekordbox then yes, locking the track makes a difference in that it prevents rekordbox from updating the cue points and grid when you import the track from the XML.

Basically it messes things up :slight_smile:

Ok so to be clear. Lock the track in rekordbox , and then remordbuddy can’t overwrote it?

But using the unstable release will
Be even better as I can choose what to export?

Currently Rekord Buddy will always ignore the rekordbox lock. I plan on adding a warning in the future but right now it just has no effect.

It’s rekordbox that will not modify the beatgrid when you import tracks that have that lock on. So the issue here is with rekordbox, not Rekord Buddy.

Hope this makes sense.

I appreciate the issue is with rekordbox, but to be clear, if a track is locked in rekordbox and has cue points beat grid set, when exporting from serato to rekordbox where the same track in serato doesn’t have any cue points, will or won’t the rekordbox cues be deleted if the track is locked in rekordbox?


I believe rekordbox will not import the beatgrid but will import the cue points (or lack thereof). That’s from the top of my head though. You can check the rekordbox manual to be sure.

damien - im lost. what version should I be using. where can I find the best version? I have beta 564 I think. where would I get 628?

There is no ‘best’ version. Now there is just a regular version (2.0) and a beta version (2.1).

The regular version is available by the link in your purchases on the web site (or by doing check updated if you’re already running a 2.0 build). The beta is available by the link in the official 2.1 beta thread.

2.0 is considered stable, beta is to help find issues before we release it. You choose.