Record Buddy (617) Serato Playlist & Folder


When I launch the Serato app after making changes, the changes don’t save in the destination app.


Can you detail a little more what kind of changes? Are you dragging a track into your Serato collection?


I create a new folder or playlist to Serato collection and this change doesn’t saved when I open the destination application.


Ok let me try this. I’m assuming you quit Rekord Buddy and save the changes first, right?


Yes I open the Rekord Buddy (617), I create a new folder and playlist to Serato collection. Then I drag some tracks from Traktor collection to this folder or playlist (Serato collection).
I save the changes, then I quit the Rekord Buddy and I open the Serato application.
The folder and the playlist don’t appear to collection.
But If I do it for Traktor collection (Rekord Buddy ), then the folder and the playlist is saved to Traktor application.


Ok let me try and reproduce this here.