Rekord Buddy 2.1beta (624) is available! 🎉

Rekord Buddy 2.1beta (624) is available for download.

Like the one before, the new beta is available for download here. You can just overwrite the previous build with this one.

Before you rush to get your hands on it, keep in mind the following:

  • :bangbang: This is macOS only at the moment.
  • :bangbang: It’s a very very early beta, things may not work at all. That’s the point of the beta, finding issues and problems.
  • :bangbang: Don’t report problems that are in the known issues below.
  • :bangbang: If you find a problem, post about it in this section of the forums (public beta), put the version number in the topic name and explain how you triggered the problem. One topic per issue please. If you have a similar issue as someone else, post in their thread and say ‘me too’!
  • :bangbang: If you have an opened issue, please try this build and update your issue to let me know if it is still happening or not.
  • :bangbang: I may not be able to fix your issue right away. Don’t be mad.

New Features:

  • :tada: Added the ability to create Rekord Buddy collections on external drives. Right click on a Rekord Buddy collection and choose ‘Add Collection’ to get a list of external drives without Rekord Buddy collections.
  • :tada: Collections now show their full name (including drive name) in the sidebar.

Fixed since the last release:

  • :white_check_mark: Fixed an issue which was causing a crash when opening certain Serato or rekordbox collections.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed extracting an update after it downloads. We will know for sure when then next update ships.

Known issues:

  • :x: Preferences are NOT all working right now.
  • :x: Grouping, Record Label and mix name may not import correctly.

What you should focus on testing for this release:

  • :eyes: Drag and dropping tracks/playlist or folders between collections.
  • :eyes: Do the tracks/playlist or folders get copied correctly in the other collection.
  • :eyes: When you launch the other program after making changes, are the tracks/playlist or folders converted correctly in the destination app?

What I’m focusing on next:

  • :alarm_clock: Importing/Exporting all the fields correctly.
  • :alarm_clock: Connecting the rest of the Preferences.
  • :alarm_clock: Drag and dropping whole collections.

Hello, I can drag my rekordbox.xml file but nothing happen in the app… Maybe something wrong?

So, the Smart Playlist function in Rekordbuddy is not available anymore?

created a playlist of 20 tracks / stems in traktor and only half of them imported to rekordbuddy and rekordbox

I am used to using the older rekordbuddy where you sync an import from one collection and export to the other.

What is the workflow on this new way of doing things? Where are the instructions?

ok ive tested dragging and dropping playlists, now I get duplicated playlists in the wrong order on rekordbox.

Really dont like this, how do I downgrade to the older sync style version that worked for me, I do not trust this with duplicate playlists and missing tracks!

Hey everyone,

This is an unstable beta release. The point is to find issues so that I can fix them :slight_smile:

Smart playlists are not plugged into this build yet so that we can focus on making the basic workflow stable. I’ve posted elsewhere here that they will probably return in 2.2 since Windows users will prefer to get a version without smart playlists than to have to wait even more than they already have.

Can you guys post your issues in separate topics so that we can investigate and fix them if need be?

I am not using smart playlists, you have not answered any of my questions or 2 recent emails.

Take a deep breath, @saftik asked about smart playlists so I was answering him.

I’m not sure where you sent those emails. Support is not done via email so it’s always best to post here.

Now, regarding your questions, can you do me a favor and start separate topics for each questions so we can keep all threads on topic? You may have found an issue with the current beta that I would love to fix but in order to do that, I will need to ask you questions for me to try and reproduce the problem on my end and I don’t want to do that in the middle of a thread related to a beta release because if everyone does that it will get confusing.

Do that make sense?

Is Rekord Buddy compatible with windows?

Not yet. The current beta is working towards readying for a Windows beta, but no timeline.