Saving Rekord Buddy Database crash


My Rekord Buddy Version: 2

My OS Version: 10.9.5

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Traktor; added new playlist x 2, new tracks added
  2. Rekord Buddy; Sync

What I expected to happen: Everything updated and added so I can see in rekordbox

What actually happens instead: Rekord Buddy gets as far as stating “Saving Rekord Buddy Database” and freezes. I have to force quit. The playlists and tracks are added but non of the track markers/cues I’ve restarted both my mac and Rekord Buddy, no dice.

Hoping to use this tonight…


Can you give the 2.1beta a try? A lot of things got fixed there that couldn’t make it into the 2.0 version.


Done! It works, thank you!


Glad to hear! I’m hoping to switch everyone to the new 2.1 as soon as possible. It will be even betterer! :wink: