Serato Sub crates are empty/ No Sync from Serato to Rekordbox

I work a lot with Sub Crates in Serato. When I Open Rekordbuddy I See only Folders with no crates and Tracks inside when i click on the tree in Serato.

Some Folders/Sub crates are totally missing.
And the First Letter of Every Sub Crate is missing.

I testet it with normal Playlists without Sub Crates, then it works.

Maybe its a bug? Because the 2.0 Version of RB works fine and i changed anything in my Library.

I hope we can fix it soon because now i can not sync From Serato to Rekordbox

Mac OS 10.14.6.
Serato 2.3.0
RB v.2.1.17(675)

That’s definitely a bug. Could you zip up and send me your Serato folder via DM so I can try and reproduce this here?

Yes, That‘s no Problem. I will do this later at Home.

The Problem is the „Ü“ in the overall subcrate. (Its a german letter)
When i Change this it works very well!
Just a small bug i think.

I like the New Workflow! Faster and More flexible!

Sync from Serato with cue Points to Rekordbox works​:+1::+1:
That‘s everything i Need.

Great find! I can provide a fix for that bug. Stay tuned.

This is fixed in 2.1.22! Thank you for your help!