Shifted beat grid and/or loop when importing from Serato to RB

My Rekord Buddy Version:
2.0.22 (217)

My OS Version:
MacOS Mojave

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Import track (mp3) in Serato
  2. Create a Cue point and then a saved loop from that key point
  3. Sync with RB

What I expected to happen:
The beat grid and/or loop should be in the same spot like in Serato.

What actually happens instead:
Either the beatgrid or Memory loop (can happen with both but not at the same time) is shifted. The shift is usually a bit to the right. If the beat grid is good then the loop may start a bit shifted. If the beat grid is shifted, usually the Memory loop starts at the grid marker.

Both beat grid & loop are off:


This is how it would look like if the beat grid would have been correct (some cases):

It seems that is caused by some kind of incompatibility. If I do the reverse (RB => Serato) with the same track I get the following result:

Are these MP3 files? There’s a known issue with how rekordbox handles beatgrids that causes them to be off when imported into Rekord Buddy. I’d suggest using the stable 2.1 beta, as there were a few fixes to compensate added to the code.

Yes. It’s an MP3. I tried to use the latest beta but I don’t have a sync button anywhere so I reverted to the non-beta version.

Did you try the beta I linked to? the newest beta is bleeding edge and not for stable use. The one in my previous post is stable and has a sync button.

No. Missed the link. Will try today and I will let you know.

So I have tested this with track that was not aligned properly (can’t remember what track I used in my initial post) and it seems to work fine. I will update the post if something else comes up.

That’s good news. Keep me posted.