Still crashing after lastest update

**My Rekord Buddy Version:v2.0.26(565)

**Mac OS (Mojave) 10.14.6

Hi, I did the recent Rekord Buddy 2 update and it still crashing when I try to import from Serato. Any suggestion?

Same over here,
After updating, Record Buddy ALWAYS crashes while saving!
I also de- & reinstalled Record Buddy + Recordbox, downgraded to the old versions but without success! Now Recordbox doesn’t import the new tracks or playlists from Record Buddy anymore!
Just don’t know what to do now!?!?

@sunphilips can you upgrade to the latest build (2.0.27) and choose to send me a crash log when the app crashes and then relaunch the app so that it sends it to me? I can pick it up from there and look into it.

@Dirty_Dens Re-installing won’t solve anything, that’s for Windows :slight_smile: You have a topic already started for you issue, let’s keep posts in one topic so that it makes my life easier on support. Thanks!