Stuck on Beta? *2.1.0beta(557)

I’ve been using the public beta version for some time, unable to upgrade. I get an error message, “An error occurred retrieving update information” when I ‘Check for Updates’. The beta works fine for the most part, I’d just like to not have that annoying “THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE” prompt come up when I launch the software. Any ideas?

I’m on a Mac Pro 5,1 running OSX Sierra.

I think the update link in that beta build is probably updated.

You can always download the latest build by using the link in the Previous Purchases section in your account on the site.

Thanks Damien. I can download the app, but when I try to authorize it it says I’m out of authorizations. I’m working on (one of) the same computers I previously authorized the software on.

I’ve reset your auths. Check the online manual (in the help menu), you’ll find a way you can do this yourself next time if you need to.