The new 2.1beta countdown thread (including Windows!)


I know a lot of you are wondering when the new build of the 2.1 beta will be released. This is a huge step in Rekord Buddy’s development, has taken over a year to put together and will set the foundation for a lot of things I want to do in the future.

So when is it coming out? When it’s ready. What’s left to do before it’s ready? Glad you asked.

For the macOS build, here is the list of outstanding issues:

  • Plug in Traktor playlist and folder drag and drop.
  • Write missing unit tests for Traktor playlists.
  • Change collections to keeping ownership of their crates.
  • Plug in rekordbox playlist and folder drag and drop.
  • Traktor collections should use more precise playtime is it’s still around.
  • Beat grid locking flag should be optional.
  • Fix Traktor marker position getting truncated on import.
  • Add support for a DiscNumber property.
  • Check for other opened apps upon launch.
  • If the app fails to open the database it crashes instead of just displaying an error message and exiting.
  • Rekord Buddy folder should be created with its custom icon.

and for the Windows build:

  • Fix any building issues introduced by macOS changes.
  • Finish the installer/packaging.
  • Check that file paths in all the apps (Traktor, Serato, rekordbox) are handled correctly.
  • Finish porting app authorization on Windows.

I will update the lists here as I go along. Cross out items that are done and add items that came up. You guys can follow along. Remember the macOS build will ship first, then Windows.

I’m being open and transparent here. I want everyone to see what happens behind the scenes and I want to hold myself accountable to all you guys waiting on this release. I’m working as hard as I can to make this happen ASAP. Thank you for your patience with me.


The excitement builds!

Comments field not updating in Rekord Box following RekordBuddy sync with Serato

awesome, thanks for the news and being transparent !

Please don’t forget to put back the Column “Playlist” to sort :star_struck:


I have to figure out a way to re-enable this. It used to make browsing really slow but I’ll look into it after 2.1 ships.


If you want an even more behind the scenes look, you can follow me on I tend to :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and :rage: a lot over there… :joy:


if there is a way to desactivate / activate in option i’m ok with that too :smiley:

In the old version, i discover it was a super easy tool to use, to see if my tracks were already played in a playlist list before, meaning if there is no playlist attached, it’s fresh to play !!!


I like the feature too. That’s why I want to bring it back.


all the best for 2.1, Damien!

Grid Issue - Serato > rekordbox