The new 2.1beta countdown thread (including Windows!)

Quick update on where we are at right now. I have a build that I’m happy with and I need to fix one bug that’s causing the authorization to fail when the build is packaged up for release. Working on this today.


Bug is fixed. Putting together the build this week-end and I should post it on Monday.

Finally will be able to ship something after so long… I can’t wait.


Woot!!! Yes!!! Can’t wait!!!

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Do you have an estimate for the Windows release?

If think I’ve answered this quite a few times now but it basically depends on how long it takes us to iron out the major issues on the macOS release. The Windows version is up and running, it’s about 99% on par with the macOS version it just needs testing for any Windows specific stuff and I can’t do that while the macOS version is still in development.


Need a Windows beta tester?

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Not yet but as soon as macOS is stable, I’ll take a pass at cleaning up any Windows specific stuff before releasing it. It’s mostly stuff like seeing how the other programs store their file paths and making sure we deal with it correctly.

Speaking of the macOS 2.1beta, there is a build out!

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My biggest advice I can give is to make windows 10 a requirement. There are subtle, but effective differences between how Win10, Win8, and Win7 handle file and temp management. With most modern software not even allowing you to install without Win10 now, it’s not outside of understandability from clientele.


That was my thought up to now. If there is a massive demand for anything non-Windows 10 I may look at it down the road but for now it will be Window 10 only.

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Hi Damien,
When will the final version (2.1 Osx) be released?


That all depends on how long it takes us to find and fix issues in the beta. It’s better to decide to release it when I feel that it’s stable enough than to say “It’s coming out next week.” and then release something buggy because it’s not done yet.

Big companies can guestimate ship times because they have the ability to put loads of developers on a problem and can be confident that they can tackle unexpected problems. They are still guessing but its a better guess than I could make.

In my case, I’m by myself so if anything comes up that I couldn’t have anticipated (big bug that takes a long time to fix) then everything else stops because there is no one else to work on anything else. That’s why I don’t like to make guesses or announce ship dates because they are guesses and given my situation, they are most likely wrong.

Does that make sense?

Hows everything comin?

New beta going up tonight!

New Windows Beta? :-p

jk, Im 100% moved over to Engine for my library organization anyway. So I’m sure I’ll be waiting a few Rekordbuddy versions down the pipeline before I can go back to using again anyway.