The official 2.2beta thread (yes THAT one) πŸŽ‰ #windows #forreal

:tada: A new build is available 2.2b20 :tada:

  • :white_check_mark: Fix for the app quitting on launch (thanks @gnorris) .

If you are seeing issues when dragging playlists or tracks in Windows, please try to reproduce the problem with this build. It will still error out but it will provide me with precious information. Thank you!

Beta build expired. Thank you for your help!

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Where is the windows download?

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The link is always the same one at the top of this page.

:tada: A new build is available 2.2b21 :tada:

  • :tada: Windows: Application is now correctly code-signed.
  • :tada: Windows: Error reports now include some rudimentary code path of where the error took place.
  • :tada: Beta builds now expire after 4 weeks instead of 2.
  • :tada: App now makes backups before attempting a database migration.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed a data corruption bug when deleting objects from a Rekord Buddy database (thanks @funkyboogiemann).

I was sick over the last few days (non-covid related) so my apologies for the beta expiring during that time. I’ve made future betas last 4 weeks now to try and prevent this from happening again.

Please make note of this thread before trying out the new beta.

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:tada: A new build is available 2.2b22 :tada:

  • :tada: Added preliminary read-only support for PCDJ.
  • :white_check_mark: Windows: Fixed an issue that could happen during drag and drop.

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.

:tada: A new build is available 2.2b23 :tada:

  • :tada: Added support for more track properties in PCDJ.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed accessing the correct database location for users of the newer PCDJ builds.

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.

Hey Damien,

Just wanted to throw in my user experience for Windows Rekordbuddy 2.2b23. I will add that I have a very specific workflow I’m using, which doesn’t really test out all features of the beta. That being said, 2.2b23 has been flawless for my needs.

I analyze all my tracks in MIK(Mixed in Key) first, then I analyze in Traktor, and then sync a Traktor playlist over to Rekordbox, which is my main DJ software. And with process, I’m having pretty much 100% success! And this is with Rekordox 6.0.2 as well!!

Sorry I can’t be of more help beta-testing, but i thought it would be good to hear, that at least for one more Windows user things are working 100% as expected.

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Hi Damien, I just installed v2.2b23 on Windows, and on first running it, I only got 5 days before it expires. I guess the timeout is hard coded and not from the date of installation?

It is hardcoded. I’m posting a new build today.

:tada: A new build is available 2.2b24 :tada:

  • :white_check_mark: Added handling of Windows Traktor locations using volume label instead of drive letter (thanks @DJ_EL-K)

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.

Does this work with Rekordbox 6.0.2?

I am 100% moved over to Rekordbox 6 now. I’ll watch this space to keep updated when support is available.

Importing XML in rekordbox 6 works the same as in 5 (meaning they still haven’t fixed the importing bug) but of course, there is no more exporting XML so keep that in mind.

XML import in RB6 is horrid (Cue points and grids are off, not all track metadata syncs properly). I think Pioneer is just letting the XML thing die.

Isn’t that obvious yet?

Unfortunately they try to lock in rekordbox users and force them to only use their program.

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What is the status with this public beta? Very much interested in trying it but I can’t figure out where to acquire it. Is the windows beta included with the purchase on the home page or is it elsewhere?

Did you check the top message in this thread? Links are right there :wink:

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