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Full respect for your work.
Please do any financial adjustments necessary for you to continue working full time for your users.

No doubt.
This tells me that what you call 2.1 is actually 3.0.
Even if there is not so many new features compared to 2.0, the massive internal rewrite justifies existing users paying an upgrade price again.

This is exactly why I don’t like subscriptions in general. Eventough this project definitely deserves it.
As mentioned, please do any changes necessary for this project to survive.

Let me see if the subscription system can be set to be opt-in only for the renewals. I can also provide users with a pop up window in the app if their subscription is about to run out and they haven’t set it to renew.

I think you should increase price as much as needed to afford to have this as your main source of income, hire additional devs and support staff (to actually have real time support) and deliver the features on your roadmap in near future. I would pay $10/mo for this if it worked - however i wasn’t even able to complete the purchase flow because there’s a bug…

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think this app will ever be the kind to generate enough revenue to hire multiple devs. A good software developer is a 6 figure salary at the very least (in US dollars) so multiple of those would cost a crazy amount of money for what the app actually makes in revenue. It wouldn’t make sense and we haven’t even added support staff yet.

Regarding the payment bug, I’ve asked for help in trying to diagnose this but nobody stepped up so I’m kinda stuck. I can’t debug something that is not happening on my end, especially if I have no record of the transactions :frowning:

I think what really clinches it for me with subscriptions is that it takes me away from the pressure of growth. With one time purchases, I have to keep hunting down new customers in order to stay in business. The number of people I have to support keeps on growing. This is a dangerous spiral that I don’t think is a good idea for a small developer. If I don’t find enough new people, the app shuts down and everyone suffers (including people who still enjoyed it up until that point).

If I have subscriptions, even with a smaller number of customers, the app can continue to live and I don’t have to chase down growth just to stay in business. To me that’s the most important part in all this.

Growth, and more importantly the need for it, is a major reason for a lot of the messed up economics of capitalism. I think staying away from that is a good call.

If everything goes well, subscriptions will kick in next week

Existing 2.x users will continue to receive updates for one year and will get a chance to upgrade to subscriptions for just the renewal price when that period expires, just like any subscription user.

After that year, 2.x will be supported for another year and 2.x users will receive bug fixes but new features will only be available for subscription users.

Will Windows version and Engine support roll out before this switches over to a subscription based model?

No. Subscriptions will start sept 1st but anyone with an existing license will still be able to use any updates for one year after that.

I meant by September 1st 2020.

You’re asking me to commit and I’ve learned never to do that again.

I would say it’s highly likely.

Subscriptions are live. I added a new FAQ post here which I will update as we go along.

Hi - I purchased RB almost exactly 1 year ago to help fund your development of a future Windows version. I took a leap of faith that you would eventually have a windows version that my license would work for. I’ve been waiting patiently as I understand software development and a fear of committing to timelines. I have made zero posts pressuring you, and check the forum monthly for updates.

But now whenever the Windows version comes out I won’t be able to use it unless I purchase a subscription?

I understand this is your only job, but as an investor in the future Windows version I feel like I took a leap of faith on you and now I will not see any return on my investment unless I pay more whenever you are ready to support windows.

The lack of timeline for Windows was understandable. The fact I’ll receive nothing of value to me in return for my faith in you, patience, and investment feels inappropriate.

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This is the reason I also bought rekord buddy a few years ago to support damien for the windows version , because there was a quote on rekord buddy’s site saying windows version coming soon I think or something like that. I did use in VM machine for a little while but it was too much to handle all this problems I’ve had, i also helped damien to solve a bug and he suggested me for a small refund because of the help I offered to him but I thought it would be better to keep the money for windows version and I refused the refund.

If you ask me it would be ok to launch the subscription plans after the release of 2.1 for all the OS, that way would be more fair for everyone, at least we can still hope that windows version will be ready soon enough and we will be able to use it with the money we’ve already spent.


I agree, this is a reasonable plan for those of us who purchased exclusively for Windows and have been waiting patiently for it’s release.

I understand and I think there is a solution for this. I will move the date from where I stop supporting the non-subscriptions Windows licenses to one year after Windows ships. That’s way you guys get the same deal that the macOS people get.

Just to make sure this is clear, people who bought the non-sub license will not stop being able to use the app after one year. That license is forever and I will honor that. What will happen though is that past the one year limit you will have to switch to a sub to get new updates and support for the app. That’s all.

Switching to a sub will cost you the same price as someone renewing a sub. Nothing more. I think that’s very fair.

If the app is useful, I think it’s a no-brainer to support me after one year and keep the app alive. If not, you can keep using the last version of the app that you had because you have a non-sub license.

More importantly, Windows should finally be in beta before the end of the year. I’m super excited for this.


That works for me and is very reasonable. I am very excited for the Windows version. If there is anything I can help with please let me know.



You guys support means everything to me. I will never take it for granted.


@damien what you suggest about Windows users sounds absolutely fair to me.

It sounds nice that soon we will also be able to use Rekord Buddy in Windows enviroment… :grinning::crossed_fingers:


I think it’s not great at all. There’s no where on your site where a customer can cancel there subscription at anytime and that’s very suspect. You say a subscription is a viable way for you to grow and focus on upgrading the app but what about the consumer? Rekord Buddy doesn’t need a subscription. I think you realized that people will use this app once and move on. But trying to lock people in by sending them an email about a renewal at the end of the year or when there is an upgrade is not a great way to keep the consumer locked in. So I ask, why can’t the customer cancel their subscription at anytime?

I can quell all the conspiracy theories right here.

Simply because I don’t develop the web site. I use a third party store which probably does support adding an unsubscribe button to the ‘Previous Purchases’ page but I haven’t figured out how to yet.

To be fair though:

  1. Subscriptions won’t start renewing until September 2020 and people will get reminder emails two weeks before that (that’s built in into the store I use).
  2. I’ve been kinda swamped getting Windows out and I have a lot more people asking for Windows then I have people asking for a subscription cancel button, so I prioritize.
  3. People who have asked me either here or via DM have had their subscription cancelled manually by me.

Welcome to the forums. Stick around and you’ll see… I’m a nice guy.

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