Traktor 3 Compatibility Thread


As of right now this is not an officially supported release.

I’m just downloading Traktor 3 right now and will post any issues I’m seeing with Rekord Buddy 2.0 or 2.1 here. Stay tuned… (or post any problems you are seeing too).


I see rekordbuddy recognises TP3 straight away - I am too scared to hit the sync button though!


I think there will be not too many issues. It seems native didn‘t change anything browser/libary related. It is sad but good for the compatibitility with rekord buddy.


They Actually didn’t do anything at all. They changed the Audio Engine (Serato’s is still better), they add some mixer FX and they tried to fix the UI a bit. That’s all. Oh I forgot that now the DVS is open for everyone.
Actually it’s Traktor 2.12. Nothing special.
For me they shouldn’t have asked money for this thing. They also shouldn’t name it Traktor 3.


I’ve been using the 3.0 VIP beta for several weeks, and have used some of the tangent VIP betas for much of the year, and it’s always worked fine. There haven’t been any radical changes to the collection structure as far as I can tell…


No problems with Traktor 3 - rekord buddy - rekord box - so far. Running flawless.


Hello Guys,

I will install Traktor 3 today, but i want to keep Traktor 2 as well.
How can I Sync both ? it’s possible or not at all ? is there a specific manipulation to do in R.Buddy ?



It is possible by manually pointing to the Traktor collection you want in the preferences.

I would strongly advise using the 2.1 beta for this as it lets you control when to import and when to export. Switching Traktor collections could confuse the syncing engine in 2.0.

Just as a tease, this will be even easier in the upcoming 2.1beta.