Traktor cue points


I am looking to convert traktor meta data to rekordbox. My main interest aside from artist and title is getting my cue points from Traktor. However…I dont like the fuctionallity of Rekordbox hot cue autoplaying when the track is stopped. To avoid this I prefer traktor cues to be converted to memory cues. In fact I was hoping to have the traktor cues converted to BOTH memory cues and hots cue in rekord box. I did find that this is the expected behavior from Serrato. But I can’t seem to find info about it on going from traktor to rekord box. The only info I seem to find is that the first 3 traktor cues turn to hot cues and the rest to memory cues. Can anyone enlighten me on the expected behavior?


The 2.1 beta lets you duplicate hot cues to memory cues when exporting to rekordbox.


oh great. Does it make sense for me to wait until it’s out of beta? I kinda feel like I need to do it right the first time, as once I get this initialized and managed by rekordbuddy i was hoping not to have to do it again. Is there an expected date for the full 2.1 update release?


and thanks for the reply!


No expected date I’m afraid. As fast as I can get it out is the plan. Quite a few people are happily using the beta right now though.


The beta has windows support yeah? Or should I stick to using it on the Mac?


Beta is still macOS only, but contains an ever grown percentage of code that’s cross-platform.


cool.I got it…will give it a try