Traktor locked Beatgrid >> export to Rekordbox

My Rekord Buddy Version:
My OS Version:
Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Traktor track collection with hundreds of tracks with locked beatgrids
  2. Export Traktor track collection to rekord buddy
  3. Import to rekordbox
  4. no beatgrids at all

What I expected to happen:
Export the tracks from traktor to rekordbox including all locked beatgrids

What actually happens instead:
No beatgrids at all in rekordbox

What can I do?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forums. Couple of important questions:

  • Steps should be: In Rekord Buddy: import FROM traktor then export TO rekordbox XML. Then in rekordbox import FROM rekordbox XML. Are you doing all these steps?
  • What version of rekordbox are you using? There is a known issue in the latest version that prevents it from importing changes.

Yes, I‘ve done these steps.

I‘m using the latest version of rekordbox. (5.6.1?) I just downloaded it a few days ago.

If you are then check out the link I posted about the current issue with rekordbox. That’s probably your problem.