Transfer from Rekordbox to Serato not working


My Rekord Buddy Version:
I purchased RB 2.0 today.
Now i use Beta 2.1 because Support told me.

My OS Version:
Os High Sierra 10.13.

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  • My Database is located in Rekordbox 5.
  • cue points and beatgrids are set correctly for about 10.000 tracks.
  • i exported the xml file in Rekordbox to my desktop.
  • i closed rekordbox, opened RB beta 2.1.
  • i imported rekordbox xml file to RB beta 2.1.
  • then exported databae from RB beta 2.1 to newest Serato

What I expected to happen:
I expected that all my playlists, cue points and beatgrids are transfered to serato and are ready to use.

What actually happens instead:
The playlists were transfered correctly.
The cue points were transfered correctly as well.
Almost every beatgrid is missing completely now in serato.

So the question is: how can i transfer my beatgrids?

#what i tried:##
I have changed to beta 2.1 because support told me.
I tried to transfer the rekordbox betagrids in dynamic mode what would be good, and also in normal mode, what would be a waste of time because i would have to set thousands of beatgrids manually again.

What i absolutely expect Rekord Buddy to do, is to transfer all my beatgrids from rekordbox to serato.

I also tried the force export button. This did not affect any change.

Thank you



This could be an issue with where the grid markers are placed in rekordbox. Serato only support grid markers on the first downbeat of a phrase. Are you getting any warnings? Is it all grids?


Hey Astromech,

No i dont get any warnings about this. I only have some double tracks warnings, but no beatgrid warnings.

No its not all grids. Lets say its the half. But only when i did a test with reanalyzed files in rekordbox normal mode.
When i use my dynamic analyzed rekordbox tracks, its almost no grid in serato.

So you say its not possible to import the beatgrids because the two dj platforms are incompatible?

I mean i know that and thats exactly the reason i bought your software.

So what can i do now to solve this problem?

Best regards


The issue isn’t about compatibility. If the grid markers on those tracks are moved to the downbeat (if that’s the issue), they’ll import fine.


@astromech is correct. Serato only supports beat markers on the first downbeat of each bar. That’s how it’s built internally and what the file format supports so there is no work around for the time being. Serato would have to implement their grids differently.

You can do grids that work on both programs though, as long as the markers are on the first downbeat.