Which version should I use? 2.0 or 2.1 beta (been using beta)


My Rekord Buddy Version: both 2.0 & 2.1 beta

My OS Version: 10.14.3

Hi Dan,

I was just wondering which version of rekoprdbuddy I should be using? v2.0 release or 2.1 Beta?

I was using 2.1 beta.

But then I thought the publicly avail version 2.0 version would be newer and more stable so I installed that and then did a sync and save for that version. But then I realised beta version2 was 2.1 and newer. Have I stuffed things up by syncing everything in 2.0 again? Should I go back to 2.1 Beta?

Its now asking me if I initialise in 2.1 that I should have everything backed up…

What should I do now.

Just tell me which version to choose. If I should delete the old version, then if I should re sync to the version I keep…

Thanks again,

Joey :slight_smile:



I would recommend sticking with 2.1beta for the time being.

Next time, if you’re unsure you can always post your question here before switching versions.