[Win] Crash when i import playlist folder from Itunes to Rekord Buddy Collection

Rekord Buddy Version: v2.2b4

OS Version: Windows 10 (1909)

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

Start Rekord Buddy and drag an Itunes Folder with playlists from itunes to Rekord Buddy Collection

Rekord Buddy is crashing at some point during the Import (Probably because of a bad file?)

What I expected to happen:
Rekord Buddy to be able to transfer Itunes playlists to it’s Library without crashes.

What actually happens instead:
Rekord Buddy is crashing during the import procedure.

Background information:
All my tracks are stored on an External HDD.
There was a “something wonderful happened” dialog and as i understand there is already a crash log waiting for you to check it… :smile:

Sorry for all these bug reports! :wink:

Always love bug reports. It helps make the app better.

Let me look at this one too.