"Your license key is invalid." - But enter a valid key


Alright guys… I’ve tried the update from home on a staging server and it seems to be working correctly now.

I’m about to update the live site. If you get to this post because of an error happening right now, give it an hour or two until I post a confirmation that the update went smoothly.

Fingers crossed.


PHEW… Looks like the update has gone through without a hitch and the live server is back up.

My auths and account info are working correctly on my end. Please post here if you still see issues and we will pick it up from there.


Still seeing issues, invalid for me. Even after i’ve reset license key.


It could very well be that the value you are entering is invalid in that case. I see that you already have a support ticket opened so we can pick it up from there and look into it.


Quick follow up on this. The value entered was indeed incorrect.

I’ve updated the FAQ entry on where users can find their licence key.


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